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Ginseng Seeds Web Site - Ozark Mountain Ginseng
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Ozark Mountain Ginseng  Dennis Lindberg
Rt. 1, Box 1223  Thayer MO 65791  Tel: (417) 264-2448

Ginseng Seed , 1-5 year old woodsgrown Ginseng transplanting roots, Goldenseal transplanting roots

Book "American Ginseng: Green Gold" by Scott Persons. History, uses, market & especially cultivation - Great Selection of Wildflower Plants and Seeds
Many wildflowers have medicinal uses,  carries many species of medicinal wildflowers.
Mountain Gardens
Joe Hollis - An Awesome Herbal Teacher who grows more than 1000 species of medicinal herbs in North Carolina. Apprenticeships available.  Seeds, Products and Services
Ginseng seeds Seed, Roots Grower

How-to-Grow, State Laws, links

New York wild ginseng law
Wisconsin wild ginseng law

United States Dept. of Interior, Wild Ginseng Law
1999 - illegal to export wild roots under 5 years age
Wild Plant Conservation Organizations
Mountain Tradition Educational Project
North America Native Plant Society
United Plant Savers
National Center Preservation Medicinal Herbs
ASPI (Appalachia Science in the Public Interest) 50 Lair Street, Mt. Vernon, KY 40456