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Herbal Consultations by Phone or Chat

I've been called a "walking encyclopedia of herbs" by several people. I love teaching about herbs but haven't been able to get out and do that in a while. I'm offering my services by phone and chat this winter. If you'd like to call and pick my brain for half an hour, I'd enjoy talking with you!

My rate for 30 minutes is only 25.00 USD! I'm usually available mornings and evenings. Please email me or text 931 237 0690 to schedule a conversation. I'm often available on spur of the moment. If you prefer to chat over facebook or other platform, let me know. Don't worry, I type about as fast as I talk.

Your support of my work is much appreciated!
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What I Know About Herbs

I've run a small herbal business making soaps and salves for several years. I can indentify over 500 medicinal plants that grow wild. I make extracts for my own use. I've grown a lot of herbs. I can quickly access information for you about side effects and contra- indications, as well as clinical studies.

I cannot prescribe herbs for your health conditions. I am not a doctor or practitioner. The term for prescribing herbs in the USA is "practicing medicine without a license" and one can be prosecuted for that. I don't have any kind of professional license.

I've been studying herbs for over 25 years on my own and started this website on a home page in 1997.

Looking Forward to talking herbs with you!

Thank you, Karen Bergeron

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