Gardening with Organic Vegetable Seeds

    It seems today that the word organic is more and more common in the supermarket and on the news.  Organic vegetables, fruits, wheat products, sauces, juices, breads, and even meats are becoming a typical part of many households. The key to organic foods is that they are grown or raised without the use of chemicals or synthetics of any kind. If you grow a garden at home, you too can create a beautiful organic garden by starting out using  organic vegetable seeds. Theseseeds will not have been treated by any kind of fertilizer, pesticide, or other chemicals that are usually used by large manufacturers of seeds sold in bulk. You may find that the organic vegetable seeds costslightly more, but they will be able to withstand growth without using harsh chemicals, so it can actually be more cost efficient in the long run. Organic vegetables have a fresher taste and are much healthiersince they contain no harsh chemicals and are grown in all natural materials. Sun, soil, compost, water, TLC, and careful maintenance are the main ingredients for an organic vegetable garden.An important key to successful gardening with organic vegetable seeds is to be sure they are planted all in organic matter. This means that the soil should be untouched by any ?fake? products, and it should be all natural. Doing this creates the optimal healthy, nutrient rich environment for the seeds. The tilledsoil will have improved moisture retention, hold nutrients longer, provides good aeration, and will give the seeds a healthy place to grow overall. Using organic matter to plant the vegetable seeds in makes ahuge difference. Look into the various additives you can include in your soil to give the plants nutrients without using harsh chemicals. Once you've planted the seeds, it's time to cultivate and care for them. Be sure to irrigate the soil once per week when possible. Use compost material and animal waste as all natural fertilizers. The all natural organic matter you use will give the plants a boost of added nutrients. In the event that pests attack, it's important to remember that no chemicals should be used to prevent them. Instead, look into natural bacteria that can be used to help kill off pests. Other methods can prevent them from crawling on the plants, such as using tin foil at the base of the plants so they cannot crawl up onto the leaves. Growing organic vegetables is a very rewarding experiencethat can reap wonderful benefits of health and pleasure to both thegardener, and to those who partake in its harvest.

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Karen Bergeron - Editor