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Tephyr passed from this world in 2015 after a 13 year struggle with LMS: Leiomayosarcoma.
She encouraged me to start Alternative Nature Online Herbal in 1997 and contributed as long as her health allowed.

The Element of Earth

Copyright: 1994, 2012 S. Tephyr Burgess

This covers the Earth Dwellers. They who live in, on and of the Earth.

Those in the Earth are mythically called Dwarfs. I prefer the name Stone People, mostly because the name Dwarf has been over used in stories and is often wrong or worse; overly sentimentalized. If it has anything to do with the Earth in terms of soil, rock or stone you will find them. Because they like the dark and are often under things people have connected negative concepts about them.

They are also known as preferring isolation and that hasn't helped their reputation either. That is with the exception of the Stone People that work with small stones such as the crystals and stones  we use for various purposes. They like to interact with people and often use us to move around. Ever picked up a stone for some inexplicable reason and carried it around for awhile or tossed it into a lake or ocean? Or given it to someone as a gift?
I bet you thought it was your idea. :-)

When you garden you should remember the Stone People that work in your soil. Work with them and you will find your soil improving. They don't like chemicals, at least the one's I've worked with don't. But like all Elementals that work along side of us they like to be acknowledged. In the future see below as well as my articles  now on Co-Creativity/Co-Partnership to help you work on that and communication with other Elementals.

Plant Spirits are considered Earth Elementals. As I mentioned above Dryads: Tree Spirits are in this category. As are the Nature Spirits of any plant. Any way you work with plants: as a gardener, flower arranger, farmer, chef or herbal healer you are working with Nature Spirits.

Woodlands and fields have their own Elementals ranging from little Nature Spirits to Devas emanating from a whole ecosystem. When you walk in a forest and you feel the cool calmness you are subconsciously connecting with the Deva of that forest. It is to your benefit to make this connection (and all other Elementals and Devas) consciously.

The Garden is situated in a Hollow in the mountains and is "over seen" by a Deva I simply call "The Hollow Deva". Then there is "The Garden Deva" who works directly with me to help create the gardens. When I began to work directly with the Devic Realm I asked if there was a Deva who could focus on this area and work with me for this purpose.

I'll cover how to do this in more detail here in the near future. These are examples of Earth Elementals in the form of Devas that are easily connected with in everyday interaction in working with plants.

Trees are another whole topic to cover separately that I hope to focus on in the future also. Most Dryads, at least the 99.9% of the ones I've met, are very open and willing to work with humans and are wonderful teachers for the first time connections with Elementals.

The only tree I've ever met that didn't want to have anything to do with me was an extremely abused tree in a public park. More on that in the future.

The Earth Elementals correlate with the direction North in the Sacred Circle.

The Form of Our Bodies is of the Earth Elementals.

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