Medicinal Plants, Herbal Uses and Descriptions

The Medicinal Herbs Gallery contains herb use information about 70+ medicinal plants, with color herb pictures. Identify, find and use many common wild herbs for herbal remedies and medicine. Hundreds of medicinal herbs grow wild all around us.
Learn about medicinal and edible plants such as chickweed, ground ivy, plantain, and violets growing wild in your yard.

AltNature Herbs Picture List

Hundreds of herb pictures to browse. Print size Herb Picture Collection available on DVD, Thumb drive, or for download. 480+ Herb Pictures.

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I use Jewelweed to make herbal remedies and preventatives for Poison Ivy, Oak, Acne, and many other skin problems. The Amazing line of Remedies really live up to their name! Guaranteed to provide itch relief from Poison Ivy and Poison Oak in minutes and visible improvement in rash overnight!

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Ginseng herb pictureGinseng is a "good herb". We should keep our ginseng in North America.
Much of the wild ginseng sold to dealers goes to Asia because they have exhausted their domestic Ginseng supply. Ginseng is known to have many herbal health benefits. I’m a believer!

Learn about Growing Ginseng, Harvesting Laws and Regulations, and more.

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Alt Nature is a fantastic resource for the students at CPR Solutions who are interested in the use of natural herbs to promote healthy and strong lungs.