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Alternative Nature Herbals Contact Information

Alternative Nature Commercial Kitchen and Headquarters are at my

Natural Niche store at 5933 Marion Rd. Cunningham, TN 37052

My business line is 877 753 0087. Please limit phone calls to reasonable business hours on weekdays Please do not call on weekends or holidays. If you have ordered the Jewelweed products and have a question concerning its effects, your call is welcome anytime and if I can’t answer right away I’ll return your call ASAP.

If you have questions about other herbs, you can email me at  I do not give medical advice, so please don’t ask me what herbs you should take for illnesses. Herbalists can go to jail or be sued for telling you that herbs will heal you. 

I read all emails and use them as a guide to what my readers are interested in learning about, then study those things for future article topics. Time does not allow me to answer all, but they are much appreciated.

I do a lot of different things to keep this web site going. That and related ventures, such as my product making, marketing, photographing medicinal plants and editing herb pictures; makes for a pretty full plate!

Your communication is important to me. Thank YOU!

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