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Thank you for visiting my herbal web site, and this page to find out more.

    I will be happy to help you ID wild plants that you find, or help you locate herbs, plants or herb seeds and especially herb pictures.

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  My name is Karen and I am the editor and sole owner of this web site and Alternative Nature Enterprises.  I am self taught, and haven’t had any formal herbal education. I am a reader with insatiable curiosity, and that is how I learned so much about herbs. I supplement this with studying them in the wild and can identify at least 300 species of native and naturalized plants in my area. This has taken over 20 years of study. Before the internet came along I spent a lot of time in the library studying the field guides and herbal books.

  One day in 1997 I started a little web site about herbs. My how it has grown! I am very thankful for the people who visit my web site and especially those who help pay the bills by buying my products, sponsoring the site or even just recommending this site to friends.

 Karen Bergeron lives in

Erin, Tennessee and is editor of Alternative Nature Online Herbal at an extensive site with herbal descriptions, hundreds of herb photographs, as well as articles and links related to herbs and alternative medicine. She also makes and sells Amazing Jewelweed Remedies, which are used for poison ivy, oak and skin conditions. Karen has a huge collection of herb photographs she takes for educational and commercial use. 

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