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Herb Farming Information Resources

Growing St. John's Wort By Karen Bergeron Shelton

Considerations For the Beginning Herb Farmer   by Richard Alan Miller

The Weed that Cures Poison Ivy  

Read Richard Alan Miller's Book "Potential Of Herbs As A Cash Crop"  if you are serious about herb farming. This is undisputedly the ultimate resource on herb farming, with complete information that takes you from the ground up, literally, and through to the marketing aspect. Includes an extensive list of buyers for botanical products.

Recommended Herb Farming Books

 The Potential of Herbs As a Cash Crop: How to Make a Living in the Country

 Native plants of commercial importance: The Nomadic Life of the Professional Forager

Your Backyard Herb Garden : A Gardener's Guide to Growing Over 50 Herbs Plus How to Use Them in Cooking, Crafts, Companion Planting and More

Herb Farming Links

Growing Herbs as a Cash Crop

Herbs: A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative

Tons of Information on Commericial Herb Production

Herb Production in Organic Systems

Herbs and Herb Gardening: An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide

New Crops & Organics Publications and Factsheets

Practice herbology ethically and avoid the practice of medicine

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