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Crystal and Tumbled Stone Necklaces

Handmade wire wrapped crystal and tumbled stone necklaces hanging in a row

Special 12.00 each or 3 for 30.00 3.95 First Class Shipping or 7.50 Priority. US orders only.
Wholesale prices for 12 or more. 

Some of the more expensive stones like Blue Lace Agate, Shungite, malachite and Labradorite, and others may be available but cost more and I only have a few available.  Contact me for those or custom requests.   

I prefer to sell these through email or phone, as inventory varies and I often custom make them to customers' preferences.
Click on stone names below to view more crystal information.
Email to purchase or text 931 237 0690. Paypal and credit cards accepted.

Color tumbled stones have meanings like a gift of flowers, and are perfect for working on your intentions or showing someone special that you are thinking of them and supporting their intention. Unlike flowers, stones last forever. I make these wire wrapped stone pendants by hand and sell them with a choice of chain and wire colors, and cards labeled with the meaning for use or intention of the gemstone. Stones are one of a kind as no two are exactly alike and some types vary widely in appearance. The photos on this site may not reflect current inventory. I will be happy to send a picture of your necklace(s) prior to shipping.
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