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500+ Color Herb Photos for Personal, Educational, or Commercial Use on Smart Drive or DVD. Pictures on web site are compressed for fast downloading and lose detail. Get better Herb Pictures for your projects, and for learning to identify herbs. Most pictures are 1536 x 2048 pixels, though some of the older ones may be slightly smaller.

As I am always adding to my collections, all purchases come with free updates of new plant photography for one year. You will be required to make an account to get password for updates.

New, larger pictures are being added.

Previews of Herb Pictures on the current DVD/Thumbdrive collection.


Includes 1 year of Free Updates! Email Karen

Personal Use and Educational Use - For Personal, Hobby, Classroom and Student use. May be copied to and used on all computers and devices owned by an individual. May be printed. May not be shared online or used in advertising, or to make or promote merchandise sold for profit.
$49.95 USD


Web Site Use - For Use on Blogs, Commercial Web sites, advertising, digital presentations, etc.. May be used on all computers and devices owned by a business. May not be sold or licensed to third parties.
$199.95 USD December Sale 99.95 with free shipping

Commercial Print Use. May be used in print advertising, books, labels, publications, etc.. as well as on web site use. May not be sold as separate prints or licensed to third parties.
$399.95 USD

Herb Thumbnails Gallery
(in Progress)

Agrimony - Astilbe Herb Pictures
Balmony - Black Cohosh
Black Eye Susans - Butterfly Weed
Cabbage - Clary Sage
Cleavers - Cypress
Daffodils - Evening Primrose
False Solomon Seal - Ground Pine

See Herb Pictures List to view complete list of large Herb Photos. Herb Photo Collection is available in High Resolution on Thumb Drive. Free Updates for 1 year. Email Karen

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My absolute favorite is


Covers Hundreds of Medicinal Herbs with descriptions and line drawings. This was my first herbal book.

More Great Books

Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places

As most wildflowers have medicinal or edible uses, this book is very handy for indentifying a lot of medicinal plants and wildflowers.