Thank you for your interest in helping Alternative Nature Online Herbal. I hope you find value in this herbal website.

For twenty years, I have offered my knowledge for free and haven't been influenced by advertisers. This site gets a lot of traffic but very little revenue.

I don't like doing the things that most website publishers do to make money.

For example..

I don't have a web designer, staff or any employees. I taught myself what little I know to design and run the site myself. I pay for a virtual secure server to keep you safe from malware.

I don't write for search engine rankings. I provide links to sites that have great informative content instead of just those which will enhance my rankings. There are a lot of great websites with educational content that don't pass rank because they aren't well known.

I don't send emails begging for money, or try to sell my information. Or yours.

I don't force you to give me your email address to access the herbal information.

I answer as many emails as I can, and even phone calls, even though my voice is bit weak from a recent injury. I still enjoy hearing from my website visitors. Teaching what I know about medicinal plants is a calling.

I make and sell skin care products, and rent a commericial kitchen. Your purchases help me get by and do my work.

I wish I could do it all for free but even with making products, which requires a commericial kitchen by law, I'm not making ends meet and need help to keep doing this.

I don't like ads on the site any more than you do, but they provide a little revenue to help with the expenses. If you, my readers would do Amazon shopping from my site, it could really help and wouldn't cost any extra!

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