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Common Spring Herbs in your Yard

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Not very active. I am going to focus on the newsletters from now on. 6k+ fans and they only show my posts to about 100.

Ginseng and Medicinal Herb News Page

I post interesting news articles about herbs here when I find them.

Tennessee Foragers and Mushroom Hunters

I admin this group. You can post plants for identification and learn about their uses.
This group is very active. For people who forage in Tennessee and adjacent states.

Ginseng Cultivation and Forest Farming

I am a moderator on this group. The admins are growing Ginseng and have a lot of great advice on cultivating medicinal herbs in the woods.

I do not charge for site access, so please visit my store for some great skin care products.  I guarantee that my Amazing Jewelweed products will ease anything that itches, burns, stings or irritates your skin.

Please excuse the remodeling mess.

Medicinal Herb and Wildflower

herb-pictures-square, a square divided into 4 smaller squares, top left is a picture of blue vervain flower, small purple flowers on thin spikes in a bunch, top right is St. Johns Wort flower, yellow flower with five petals.bottom left square is a small picture of Jewelweed, an horn shaped orange flower, bottom right is a picture of three ripe black raspberries berries on a vine

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Heal All - Herb for Herpes?
Prunella Vulgaris is known as heal all, self heal, woundwort because of it's historic use. The purple and white flowers grow on spikes that are shaped somewhat like an upsside down pine cone

About Prunella Vulgaris, Heal All Plant, Salve and Wash for Cold sores.

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