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Wild Asparagus Herb Pictures

Asparagus officinalis

Known as Shatavari in Herbal Medicine, Asparagus root tea is used to regulate female hormones to treat PMS and increase milk flow in nursing mothers. A study on mice showed that a tea from the Asparagus plant may prevent cognitive impairments in age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease. It is also used as a diuretic to cleanse the kidneys.

To find Wild Asparagus, locate plants in the growing season. You will notice the tall plants with their fine, feathery foliage. Look for young edible shoots in the same area in Spring. Wild Asparagus shoots can be harvested in early spring and cooked like garden Asparagus. Harvest Asparagus plant for herbal use in summer, and roots when plant goes dormant in fall. Don’t forget to leave some for new plants to grow.

Dry leaves and roots in a cool, dark area away from excess humidity.

For some people, eating Asparagus will make urine smell funny. However, others may not be able to detect the unique odor.


wild Asparagus plant growing along railroad tracks in Illinois