Apache Tears Crystal Necklaces

Apache Tears (Obsidian) Crystal Necklaces

Sold out but I still have some larger, rough tumbled stones that I can wire. Apache Tears crystals symbolize easing grief and lending support in times of sorrow, and a sense of hope for the future. Apache Tears are a form of Obsidian with a gentler energy. Also worn for protection. Smaller than most stones.

Associated with the Root Chakra

Apache Tears necklaces come in small only  with silver tone wire and chain.

Each crystal necklace is unique, and stones vary. Photos are typical examples of necklace you will receive, not the exact one. I will email a picture of current available choices before shipping to you.

Gemstone necklaces come with fold over headers and labels contain descriptions of the intention of the stone. The silvertone necklaces come with 20" black silk cords. I have a limited supply of silvertone dainty chains in 18" and 24" available on request. Copper wired jewelry comes with a nice copper plated chain while supplies last. You choose your stone and choice of wire color. Free jewelry bag with each necklace.
The large stones are an inch long or more.
Feel free to add your preferences to the comment section on order form, and I will do my best to accommodate you. Assortments may contain stones that are not listed here. To best of my knowledge, all stones are natural and not dyed. No glass or man-made stones.