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My blog about what's going on in The Garden and my Studio:

Tephyr's Garden

My other blog on living with LMS: Leiomayosarcoma:

Necessary Warrior


The Garden Today: How my views and practices are evolving in 2012


Is an herb abundant if it's common in one area and disappearing in another?

Root Harvesting

Getting Kids to Take Herbs

Consumer Power and The Healthcare Industry

Even more important then when I wrote it way back when.

Toxicity and Herbs



Collecting Dew Drops  

Find out how to collect the dew on herbs and plants to use medicinally and metaphysically.

Harvesting and Preparations with The Lunar Phases

Make your own Smudge Sticks

How to use Smudge Sticks

Sweet Grass and making your own Sweet Grass Braids


What are the Nature Spirits called Elementals?  Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Combinations of Elementals. 

Plant and Nature Spirit, Co-Creative and Co-Partnership, Spirit Based and/or Fanatical Organic Gardening

By whichever name you prefer. :)

The Garden

History and updates of The Garden.

What is Co-Creative Gardening and How it has worked for me

Kineseology and other Communication Techniques

Channeling and Meditation



Conscious Weeding

Conscious Harvesting

Conscious Preparation

I'm asked a lot where to get seeds and herb plants. These are two of the best:

Horizon Herbs
Alternative Nature's Online Herbal:
Karen Shelton's Web page and our Sponsor;  Photo Gallery and a growing Library of information are only the beginning.
A great site.....she's my web host as well as she publishes articles from me (Linked in my Medicinal Herb Links). Check out her Jewel Weed Products. Go there!
Crone's Bones
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