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Tephyr passed from this world in 2015 after a 13 year struggle with LMS: Leiomayosarcoma.
She encouraged me to start Alternative Nature Online Herbal in 1997 and contributed as long as her health allowed.


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One of the best explanations for Kineseology is at Perelandra's Web site. Machaelle Small Wright is one of the pioneers of Co-Creative Nature relationships in this country. Her books and workbooks, all of which can be found on this great site are an excellent source for anyone learning how to incorporate this into their lifestyles. While I don't agree with everything she says: It works for a lot of people.

However, Kineseology as explained by her on her Kineseology Testing page is an excellent start for the beginner. I can't improve on it even if I wanted to. Everything I know on the subject I learned in her workbook anyway: so go there and check it out. Not to mention reading her books; I highly recommend The Perelandra Workbook, as well as, really it should be required reading: Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered . These can be ordered through her web site.

Yes, Kineseology is the same technique many Chiropractors and other Healthcare Practitioners use. But instead of looking inward; you are looking outward and connecting with another Spirit; much the same as the Practitioner is connecting with you. As I said it is a great way for the beginner to start and open communication.

One of the draw backs in my opinion is that it can become a crutch. One can get too dependent on it: though for many people this is the ideal way to communicate.

Read my article on Will to see how I perceive some of the problems associated with not just this technique, really; all of them. Dowsing tools and Pendulums can be used in the same manner and using the same communication criteria.

The only way to find out what is best for you is to try them all and see which you like. Only give each one a good long time to learn... up to a year! It takes time to incorporate it into your life as well as to get the kinks out of your communication technique.

I do occasionally use Kineseology or Dowsing rods to firm up something that I� feel that I am not receiving clearly.
Usually, because of� feelings that my own Will is interfering. Go to the page where I address How I go about doing it.

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