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Growing and Harvesting Ginseng

Ginseng is a woodland herb whose survival is threatened by habitat destruction and careless harvesting. Responsible harvest and growing of Ginseng is possible and neccesary. It is the purpose of this web site to help preserve Ginseng for our future.

Ginseng Root picture
Special thanks to Lee Murray for his inspiration, knowledge, and for adding a creative touch to this section with his Grandfather Ginseng Tales.

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I welcome submissions from Ginseng Growers and anyone who has information or folklore to share. Email kbergeron@altnature.com  
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For Ginseng Growing Advice, Seeds and Roots,  contact Dennis Lindberg   Email: lindy08@socket.net 

Kentucky Ginseng Dealer/Buyer List

Wild Ginseng Laws & Growing Info

Appalachian Ginseng Foundation Online Manual

Medicinal Herb Seed and Root Sources for Planting in Kentucky

A Crafty Gentleman - Ginseng digger's diary by Lee Murray

4 Ways to Cooperate with Nature

Who will speak for the plants
 The gentle flowers cloistered
 in quiet meadow and lonely wood
Plants whose power is in their softness
Or in their strange difference?

  Grandfather Ginseng will take the stand!
In the country and the town, the reputation of this
gentleman is known to all. Bold, vigorous,
crafty and tough, he's older than the mountains but
he feels just like a newborn child.

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