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Seeds and Roots for Planting Ginseng

September 2022 Update: ORDERING INFORMATION:  Woodsgrown Ginseng seed and Woodsgrown ginseng transplanting rootlets and other Medicinal Herbs available.  Our price list this year is made by Vistaprint and is in brochure form and we can only send postal mail.  We only send our brochure and order form postal mail  Please phone at:(417)264-2448 or email at:   lindy08@socket.net  Dried  wild ginseng prices staying about $500 to $1200  a pound dried for premium root.  The older the ginseng root the more valuable.   Usually price goes higher in December, depends upon Hong Kong and their politics there in China.  About 75%  American ginseng goes to China.   Even with economic trade and politics in China and Hong Kong ginseng will be in great demand there.    The University Missouri Extension had a workshop here with folks getting a tour of farm in early June 2019.       The "GINSENG GROW BOOK "  we have to offer  is the best book I have seen.  The description of book  is  below when ya scroll.  Visitors welcome to visit farm please phone  a few days ahead.


SEPTEMBER 2022 UPDATE:  We will be shipping ginseng seed orders next week.    We send our brochure out postal mail or phone to reserve seed.   We have been getting rain once a week so that helping our vegetable garden.  

Ginseng Seeds Web Site

The new grow book by Scott Persons is going to be arriving from the publisher.
If you want the new grow book, (this will be the revised edition), please contact us.

We also have a growers book called  AMERICAN GINSENG "GREEN GOLD" by Scott Persons. This is a 204 page book available by mail order. It covers ginseng history, use, market and especially its cultivation.
The "Green Gold" grow book is revised as of 2004.
The new book will also cover growing Goldenseal and other important medicinal herbs.

At Ozark Mountain Ginseng, we have American Ginseng seed and transplanting roots.
Our ginseng is growing in woods and really is just like wild ginseng.
The market for wild ginseng last December went to $450 a pound and in the Ozarks wild ginseng is almost extinct.
The time for growing ginseng is now, even on a small scale, to help this endangered species from being extinct!

It is very important to have the right condition to grow ginseng successfully.
Ginseng needs 75% to 85% shade. It will not grow in full sun.
Plant ginseng in good woods dirt and mulch and add some lime and rock phosphate in ginseng beds.
Do not over fertilize. A good profit can be had with an acre of ginseng producing $75,000 to $100,000 per acre in 4 to 7 years.
Ginseng looks like a strawberry plant first year and only has three leaves.
In the second year ginseng should have five leaves and some will develop a second prong.
The third year ginseng should produce seed.
The older a ginseng plant gets the more seed the plant will produce.

Ginseng seed and planting roots available from:

OZARK MOUNTAIN GINSENG  ROUTE 1 Box 1223  Thayer, Missouri 65791 
Email address:
lindy@tek-web.com Phone (417) 264-2448 

Anyone that needs advice on ginseng can take advantage of my experience.
Ginseng Consultation services are also available.
We can come to your farm to assist you with growing advice.
Please call for consultation rates.

Our ginseng seed and transplanting rootlets and golden seal price lists are only sent through USPS mail or email.

Visitors are always welcome at OZARK MOUNTAIN GINSENG.
Please call a day or so in advance.

Growing Ginseng since 1983 

Ginseng Seeds Web Site

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