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Medicinal herbs, Wildflowers, Edible and Useful plants grow wild all around us.
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Speedwell, common medicinal herb, yard weed

Medicinal Herbs Pictures and Descriptions

The Medicinal Herbs Gallery contains information about many wild medicinal plants, as well as color herb pictures and scanned images. Many of these medicinal herbs also grow all around North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn about medicinal plants such as chickweed, ground ivy, plantain and violets growing wild in your yard . New Article - Speedwell
Speedwell Herb picture Copyright Karen Bergeron 2011

chamomile flower herb picture

Over 500 Pictures of Medicinal Herbs

Herb Stock Photography available for licensing, or just view plant pictures to see how many wild herbs you may already be familiar with.

Most herbs that I photograph are in their wild habitat, but I have many pictures of garden herbs as well. A lot of the wild herbs found growing here are native to other parts of the world as well. Some of our wild herbs which are not native are invasive plants imported from other parts of the world; such as Honeysuckle, Kudzu and Perilla. Some of the common herbs that can be harvested here and used to make your own herbal remedies are dock, passionflower, yarrow, poke, rabbit tobacco, evening primrose just to name a few.
Chamomile picture Copyright Karen Bergeron 2007 Chamomile - A favorite for Herbal Tea

Jewelweed picture, Natural poison ivy remedy

Amazing Jewelweed Products

I use Jewelweed to make herbal remedies and preventatives for Poison Ivy, Oak, Acne, and many other skin problems. The Amazing line of Remedies really live up to their name!

How to find and use Jewelweed for poison ivy.

Ginseng herb picture


Ginseng is a "good herb". We should keep our ginseng in North America.
Much of the wild ginseng sold to dealers goes to Asia because they have exhausted their domestic Ginseng supply. Ginseng is known to have many herbal health benefits. I’m a believer!

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See United Plant Savers for more information about endangered medicinal herbs.

Herbal Questions and Answers

Ginseng, Where to get Medicinal Herbs and Herbal Remedies
The Mystery Herbal Remedy for Herpes, (Prunella Vulgaris) Herb Picture Use, and more.
Prunella Vulgaris products are now available in my online store . Handmade by me of course.  This will be updated soon.