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Tephyr passed from this world in 2015 after a 13 year struggle with LMS: Leiomayosarcoma.
She encouraged me to start Alternative Nature Online Herbal in 1997 and contributed as long as her health allowed.

Elementals within a  Sacred  Circle

Copyright: 1994, 2012 S. Tephyr Burgess

This is still very much under construction. Please, bare with me as I endeavor to complete this project on the Elementals.

You can use the following example for any Sacred Circle/Compass as well as for calling Elementals into your life, home or garden as well. This is only a suggestion though: if your tradition or inclination or intuition draws you to another manner to do this then do it so.

I would suggest you read one of the many books for creating Sacred Space and Circles for more information than I can give you here. There are many out there: find what feels right for you and the direction you want to go in. Beware false teachers: keep an open mind and if things don't seem right they probably aren't.

I like to place a rug on the floor or ground. You can place two to create an X pattern to help create a more circular design.
The center of the blanket is the center of your circle. You may place favorite sacred objects there if you are sitting around the outside of the circle.

My preferred place for this ritual is in the center and so the objects in this case are arranged around me in the compass points (E, S, W, N.). These can be anything that is meaningful to you personally or spiritually. Crystals, a piece of jewelry, statues, etc. But, in your space you will need  representations of the elements as well;

Place them around the outside perimeters of your circle;

Once you have created your sacred space. Sit or stand and meditate for awhile on why you are doing this and what you are hoping to succeed. Then simply say something along the lines of;

I wish to invite the good* and well intentioned spirits and entities of Nature; Air, Fire, Water and Earth. I welcome you into this space.

Welcome each individually:

You have gone round clockwise: as the Sun follows its path around the Earth. This is called Deosil.

*It is in my opinion that there are no bad or evil spirits/energetics in Nature. I believe that all such energies are man made.
I suggest, however, that you include good and well intentioned and similar words in Circle when inviting even Natures Spirits to come to you to clarify this in your own head and so that you don't unintentionally or subconsciously  invite something negative into your space and life.

Many disagree with this and that's fine. Follow your own beliefs in this and all things.

Now simply tell them why you are doing this; why you want them into your life and work. (please consider very carefully before you make the following or similar declaration. As mentioned in Elementals in your Life, this is a solemn vow similar in intent to any Religious confirmation)

For example: (elaborate on this as much as you desire)

I wish to make my relationship to Nature (Mother Nature, Gaia, The Goddess, God, The Divine&&) closer and to learn to interact with it/her/him/them (choose one that fits your beliefs) that  and so enhance my and humankinds relationship. I wish to make this re-connection with Nature and the Elementals at this time for this reason.

I wish to ask the Elementals of Air to join me to help me enhance my life as well as for the benefit of Nature (Creator, Goddess, etc) (look at the smoke)

I wish to ask the Elementals of Fire to join me to help me enhance my life as well as for the benefit of Nature (Creator, Goddess, etc) (look at the flame)

I wish to ask the Elementals of Water  to join me to help me enhance my life as well as for the benefit of Nature (Creator, Goddess, etc) (look at or sip the water)

I wish to ask the Elementals of Earth to join me to help me enhance my life as well as for the benefit of Nature (Creator, Goddess, etc) (look at or pick up the stone/crystal and put it down again)

Sit quietly and see if you can feel/hear anything; any new thoughts or ideas that enter your head. Don't forget to write them down right after you are done; you may forget at least part of if not all you learn. Don't worry if nothing happens; Trust that you have been successful.

When you are done,

put out the incense, say: I thank the Elements of Fire for joining me this day. Stay if you will, go if you must

drink the rest of the water, say:
I thank the Elements of Water for joining me this day. Stay if you will, go if you must

You have gone round counter clockwise; against the Suns path around the Earth. This is called Widdershins.

Thank, in the same fashion any other beings or forms of Divinity that you have invited. You may consider the Circle closed or go on to whatever way you are used to doing so. I generally say "The Circle is closed" at this point.

Those of you who are familiar with creating sacred circles/space/compass will recognize the "Calling of the Quarters" or Four Directions outlined above. When doing this much of what you are calling in are Elementals of those directions. (BTW: FYI; I call in Seven Directions; East, South, West, North, Above (Creator/Father), Below (Gaia/Mother), Within (my own Spirit/Soul)
:-) ). I think if you are conscious of this fact and acknowledge them you will notice the work that you are doing will be greatly enhanced.

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