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Tephyr passed from this world in 2015 after a 13 year struggle with LMS: Leiomayosarcoma.
She encouraged me to start Alternative Nature Online Herbal in 1997 and contributed as long as her health allowed.

Elementals in your Life

Copyright: 1994, 2012 S. Tephyr Burgess

This is still very much under construction. Please, bare with me as I endeavor to complete this project on the Elementals.
(Tephyr was unable to finish some of the writings here as cancer took her strength. I've left her work as it was written.)

There are Elementals everywhere in your life. As stated above, anytime you utilize an element in your life there are or should be Elementals associated with the act involved.

Showering, lighting the stove for tea, eating your cereal and other routine daily activities should have Elementals involved. Unfortunately, because of negative energies and pollution in our environment they are often absent.

The water in your shower is full of chemicals the treatment plant used to clean it (because the source in the first place wasn't pure), your cereal was grown in a mono-culture on a huge corporate farm with chemical fertilizers and insecticides, stored in equally spiritless and unhealthy warehouses and processed into food with again,
equally heartless and soulless technology. (phew).

Elementals will leave a polluted environment. Whether that pollution is physical or spiritual/energetic. The exception of this might be the above lighting the fire on your stove. Fire Elements always seem to be there.
I think that Fire Elements have a special relationship with us. I have yet to understand totally why.

If your home is full of negative emotional energies then Elementals are going to have a hard time living there with you. You don't have a choice; you must live there but on the other hand you want to fill your home with positive energies, including Elementals. So what do you do about this? Do a house clearing. There is a lot of information on how to do this; look online or for books on House Clearing and Feng Shui to name a couple. Go to my page on Smudging to help you get started.

If one can learn to invite those missing Elementals into your life and environment, as well as acknowledge those that are already present you can only enhance the many aspects of your life that they are involved in. Which is basically all of the aspects of your life. J

This need not be complicated. When we give Thanks over a meal whether we realize it or not you are thanking and acknowledging the work of the Elementals involved for as I said elsewhere: they are intimately involved in and doing the work of The Divine (again as you choose to view it/him/her).

You can re-connect  Nature's (The Divine) Spirit into your food by simply asking that it be there. It will then be re-energized. When preparing dinner I always connect to the Spirit/Elemental of the food I am working with. Next time you are preparing a meal allow yourself to be connected with the Spirit/Elemental that is involved.

As I said you can formally invite Elementals into your life. How elaborate this invitation is, is up to you. It can be a simple statement or an elaborate Ritual. Which ever one you choose you must realize that it is a solemn vow and not to be taken lightly.

This is a serious as any Religious ritual of confirmation. You should consider this seriously before you take it. This is the basis of Co-Creativity/Co-Partnership. On this site it is mostly defined for gardening and herbal preparation and use but it can involve anything where there are  Elementals (which as I keep saying is just about every where). Wood crafters might want to connect with Dryads for example. Metal workers with Dwarfs/ Earth Elementals. People who work with Crystals are intimately involved with the Stone People.

My suggestion for this invitation from you is to first create a sacred space. Go to Elementals in Sacred Circle for suggestions on creating sacred space with Elementals as well as a suggested circle for inviting/connecting with Elementals in you life.

For further information of creating Sacred Circles and Space I would suggest books by Starhawk or Scott Cunningham. There are many others out there also, as well as many, many sites that give good advice (careful there are many that give bad advice; if it doesn't sound right or feels wrong don't follow it).

After you have made this connection with Elementals in your life I would suggest you begin to study the Elements in general. There are many books such as Scott Cunningham's Earth Power that cover them. I am sure if you did a search you would find many other sites with information (both Magickal and Mundane). In studying the properties of the elements you will also be studying the properties of Elementals.

This will help you to be able to understand their attributes and how they might fit into your life style. If you are involved in magick and ritual you will find them invaluable for helping you to shift energy into positive form. (This is written with the assumption and hope that you will be using this information for positive means).

Using Fire in Ritual is a good example. Actually this example also uses Air. I like to write my prayers on a sheet of paper and then read it out loud to The Goddess, The God and Creator: my concept of The Divine. My spoken word bringing my thoughts into physical form and then I burn the paper. The smoke (air) takes my thoughts in the spiritual form and both then take my prayer out to the Universe in the hopes that the energy (in prayer form) I have sent forth will manifest back here in the physical world. You could even go so far as to say the paper is Earth and the ink Water, So that all the Elementals are present.

If you do Ritual think about the aspects you bring into it and see how many of the Elementals you can identify and start to consciously include them. If you are new to Ritual then consider consciously including them as you expand your knowledge.

Whether in Ritual or otherwise you can energize and enhance many aspects of your life

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