Ginseng Root Buyers Lists by State

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In most cases, a Ginseng dealer’s license is required to sell Ginseng roots over state lines. This includes online sales so some people on the state supplied licensed Ginseng dealers lists may have bought licenses for that purpose, and may not be actual Ginseng root buyers.

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Ginseng Herbal Use

Taken over an extended period, it is used to increase mental and physical
performance, Ginseng is said to be therapeutic for the whole body.

Ginseng plant growing in the woods with small early flower
Forest Grown Ginseng

This article was written by my late friend, Deb Jackson, around 1999. She was one of my early mentors and a major contributor to the plant descriptions on Deb passed away in May of this year.
It been edited and updated a few times.

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Ginseng Basics – A Beginners Guide Part 1

Your mission as a Good Ginseng Steward, should you choose to accept, is plant seed, learn all you can, harvest ethically, and pass your knowledge along as you learn. The first step is finding the best place you have to plant it, and getting the seed. You have plenty of time to learn the rest as you go along.

I’m happy to see interest from people who want to begin to grow Ginseng. Growing Ginseng in your woods isn’t easy money but can be very rewarding as a long term plan. Planting ginseng seed is also a great way to teach your children about working on long term goals. If you get your five-year-old kids out planting, tell them they are raising money for their first car in ten years! Continue reading “Ginseng Basics – A Beginners Guide Part 1”