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Please do not request free links to online directories or sites without educational content. Email me if you have an affiliate program I should know about. karen@altnature.com .

Advertising rates and placement are at my sole discretion. Advertising on this site should be beneficial to your company, compatible with my web site, and informative to my readers. When this is not feasible, you will be refunded within 10 days. I reserve the right to exclude or drop advertisers without prior notice or expressed reason. Any unused funds will be promptly refunded if I cancel an ad.

Shared Border Listings Top position is usually only available by reserve, if interested email me and I’ll let you know when its available. The shared border is the bar on the right or left that shows with nearly every page viewed. 

Descriptive Text Links are the best way to get traffic to your web site. Contact me about text links, rates depend on relevant pages traffic and placement.

Sub- web Listing  Listing on borders in one of Herb Farming, Library or Ginseng portions of the site. 300.00 per year - pro-rated. Price subject to change based on traffic.

Gallery links are excluded from Sub-web listing rates.

Free Link  You are welcome to suggest a web site. I hand pick all links, and do not participate in link farms.

If you have a web site free of commercial content and want to write for this site email karen@altnature.com

Web design $100.00 per page, if you do some of the work that is negotiable. Photo gallery pages and redoing existing pages are extra. 

Your support is appreciated and helps our educational efforts. Thank you!

Karen Bergeron

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