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Jewelweed : Nature's Poison Ivy Cure

How to Identify Jewelweed

Impatiens species. Status : Wild. Abundant.

Jewelweed is a common plant of shady wet areas in Eastern North America. You will often find Jewelweed in ditches and along creek beds. It also grows in shallow water. Also known as Touch-me-nots, Jewelweed is an invasive annual that grows from 2 to 6 feet tall and bears hundreds of seeds per plant over the g`rowing season. In zone 6 Jewelweed is not visible until April. It is big enough to pick for use on dermatitis situations by mid May. Jewelweed flowers appear in June and last until frost.  

The stem is succulent , hollow, usually reddish at the joints and very shallow roots with stringy tan rootlets. The leaves are egg shaped with rounded teeth, (sometimes with points on the end as in picture below) and have a waxy surface coating that repels water like a newly waxed car. The veins in the leaves end in the notches between the teeth. Click here to learn about our jewelweed remedies for skin rashes. The best  natural remedy known for Poison ivy and Oak irritation!

Jewelweed impatiens plant touch me nots garden balsam

 The flower is unmistakable, the only flower I can think of that even resembles Jewelweed is Trumpet vine flower, and even that takes some stretch of the imagination.  Trumpet vine climbs trees and has pointed pinnate leaves and is not likely to be mistaken for jewelweed. 

There is also a yellowed flowered Jewelweed, but it is less effective so I do not advise harvesting it. 

 When you find some Jewelweed, go to /jewelweed.htm to learn how to use it for skin rashes and irritation.

Over 95% of people experience fast relief from symptoms of poison ivy and oak, as well as faster healing from blisters using the Jewelweed plant of products with extracts of fresh Jewelweed. Products made with dried Jewelweed are not as effective.

jewelweed bloom impatiens flower picture

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