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My Favorite Relaxing Herbs

Copyright 1997   By Karen Bergeron

St. John's Wort: More info at this link, also check the numerous links in this newsletter.

Basil: Smells absolutely wonderful, Relaxing tea, Easy to grow annual .

Catnip (Catmint): Relaxing, Helps digestion. Easy to grow from seed or cuttings.

Ginseng:  Use only cultivated ginseng, wild ginseng is endangered.

Jewel Weed: Anecdote for poison Ivy. Wash with tea or make a soap.

Lavender: Use a few drops essential oil in bath water to relax and ease insomnia.
Anti-aphrodisiac. (Try lavender cologne on young dating daughters!).

Lemon Balm:  Relaxing, Great lemon smell. A good one for herbal pillows.

Passionflower: Beautiful, antispasmodic, relaxant, helps with insomnia. Personally, I find it to be a great mood enhance when under stress. Allegedly will grow as a houseplant.

Rabbit Tobacco: Tobacco substitute, everlasting flowers, grows wild in sunny places.

Skullcap: Possible Hypnotic, Bitter tea but I like the effect; especially when concentration is needed. Also use before meditating.

Wild Mountain Mint: Strong invigorating odor, Good tea for congestion, also a natural carpet and closet freshener. Grows wild in Tennessee.

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