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This section is a vintage collection of opinions on natural remedies by various authors, some who have passed on. For historical reference only. These articles are old. They have not been updated since the early 2000s and are not intended to provide medical information.

SAM-e Information Page

SAM-e, or S-Adenosylmethionine; is new in the US but has been tested extensively in Europe and found to be helpful in cases of chronic pain, depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. SAM-e has so far been found completely safe for humans and and beneficial to the liver and stomach as well. SAM-e is not an herb but is somehow extracted from yeast. (See links below) The one drawback is the price, which is about $1.00 for each two hundred milligram pill. A minimum dose is 400 mg per day.

Once I heard about SAM-e I hesitated to try it because of the high cost of this supplement. But as my sciatic pain raged on for months with no sign of improvement I knew I had to do something.  I was told by doctors that I had sciatica and arthritis in my hips and that this would deteriorate as I got older. I have been taking 400 mg a day of SAM-e since October and have found that SAM-e has helped improved my mood and reduced the need for prescription pain relievers. I am not paid to endorse any commercial SAM-e products and am simply sharing my experience with this supplement. SAM-e should not be used by those suffering from bipolar depression.

by Karen Shelton

Here are some helpful links to decide if SAM-e can help you. Please discuss all health decisions with your doctor and tell him where to find this information. If you have used this product and would like to contribute comments to this page please email me at kbergeron@altnature.com

Karen Shelton,Alternative Nature Online Herbal  All rights reserved

SAM-e Links

Sam-e: An Overview
This is an excerpt on Sam-E from the book Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements. I have this book in my library and it is the most in depth writing I have seen about Sam-E. Iherb.com has printed it on the Internet for your information.

Books about SAM-e from Amazon.com

Book sales help support Alternative Nature Online Herbal

All About Sam-E (Faqs All About Health Series)

The Sam-E Solution by Deborah Mitchell

Stop Depression Now: SAM-e, 
by Richard Brown, Carol Colman, Teodoro Bottiglieri, Carol Coleman

All About Sam-E (Faqs All About Health Series)
by Dallas Clouatre

Methyl Magic : Maximum Health Through Methylation
by Craig Cooney, Bill Lawren (Contributor), Kilmer S. McCully (Foreword)

Same S-Adenosylmethionine : 
The European Arthritis and Depression Breakthrough

by Sol Grazi, Marie Costa


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