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Agrimony Herb

Agrimonia parviflora

Agrimony Herb, yellow flower spike,
Agrimony parviflora

Other Names: Church steeples, Cocklebur, Sticklewort, Philanthropos

Agrimony is called XIAN HE CAO in Chinese herbal medicine and is used to stop bleeding. - Dr. Michael Tierrra L.Ac., O.M.D., The Way of Chinese Herbs

Agrimony Herbal Uses and Medicinal Properties

Agrimony is not commonly used today, but has its place in traditional herbal medicine. This herb is safe in moderation for most healthy people. Like most herb simples, the uses to which Agrimony are put are remarkably varied. The English use it to make a delicious "spring" or "diet" drink for purifying the blood. Agrimony is considered especially useful as a tonic for aiding recovery from winter colds, fevers, and diarrhea. (Continued below)

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Agrimony herb contains tannin and a volatile essential oil. As Agrimony also possesses  an astringent action, it is frequently used in alternative medicine as an herbal mouthwash and gargle ingredient, and is applied externally in the form of a lotion to minor sores and ulcers. Agrimony has also been recommended, as a strong decoction, to cure sores, blemishes, and pimples.

Caution: Agrimony is an astringent herb, do not use if constipated. Do not use internally during pregnancy without discussing with your obstetrician.

Agrimony Habitat and Description

Agrimony can be found growing extensively throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States. A hardy perennial, its natural habitat is woods and fields, but it takes to cultivation easily. Agrimonies have one to two foot branchy stems covered with a fine, silky down and terminate in spikes of yellow flowers. Both the flowers and the notched leaves give off a faint characteristic lemony scent when crushed. After the flowers fade they give place to tiny clinging "burrs" which will quickly adhere to your clothing if you brush by an it plant in a hedgerow.

How to grow Agrimony

For garden growing, give Agrimony sun or partial sun and regular watering, a plant from seed or propagate by root division in spring or fall. Gather the herb in summer while the flowers are in bloom.

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